Spine Mountain Physical Therapy

Move Better.
Feel Better.

Live Better.

Be better today than you were yesterday.

Coming Soon!

Thank you for visiting Spine Mountain. Our website is under construction, as is our physical therapy and wellness studio, which opens in Spring 2023 in beautiful Pine Mountain, Georgia, near Callaway Gardens and FDR State Park. We will provide outpatient physical therapy for rehabilitation, including specialized manual therapy to relieve back and neck pain and restore musculoskeletal function, in coordination with medically-safe fitness training for increased strength, balance, flexibility and mobility. And all will be provided in a welcoming environment with a community of people inspired and empowered to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
By treating your pain and preventing recurrence, we will help you move better, feel better, and live better!  
All Our Best!
Spine Mountain Physical Therapy and Wellness Studio Team

Manual Therapy


Functional Fitness Training

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